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How to Rent Out My House for Film Locations

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Money Heist, Emily in Paris, The White Lotus…Imagine seeing your house in the background of the next hit TV show or movie. 

Today, owning (and earning money from) a “movie house” is no longer just a dream. It’s easier than ever to rent out your house to be used as a film set to both small indie, companies and massive corporations. Private homes are in demand by production companies, as a lower-cost option to building an entirely new set. 

With Spathios, it’s easier than ever to rent out your house for filming, photoshoots, events, and more. Every day, production companies and advertising agencies are on the hunt for new and unique spaces for their various projects in different locations and styles. Do you think your home has what it takes?

How Do I Rent Out My House for Filming or Photo Shoots?

With Spathios, you can earn income by renting out your house by the hour, and it’s easy to get started with publishing your space.

Why is Spathios the Best Place to Rent My Home for Filming?

Spathios has hundreds of film and photoshoot locations across London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and beyond, and is trusted by hundreds of companies and businesses to find the best spaces for their advertising campaigns, movies, tv shows, press releases, product launches, and so much more.

Discover Spathios, the “Hourly Airbnb”, and get all the benefits of becoming a Spathios Host:

Spathios has thousands of unique venues and spaces, each one owned and managed by someone just like you. Become a Spathios Host and earn money by renting out your home or other unique space for:

Whether you have a beautiful farmhouse in the country, a modern loft in the center of a city, or even a castle, there’s a space for each idea with Spathios.

Houses for Filming & Photoshoots with Spathios

Want to see what other homes Spathios has to offer for filming and photoshoots?

Below, you can see a selection of privately owned homes, flats, and lofts available to book for film sets, photoshoots, and more.

Homes for Film and Photoshoots in London

Homes for Film and Photoshoots in Barcelona

Homes for Film and Photoshoots in Madrid

Frequently Asked Questions

Filmmakers and photographers alike are constantly on the hunt for houses for their next project, no matter the style or design. However, before renting out your home for filming it is important to consider:
  • Style: For some filmmakers, they want to book a home with an “it” factor, for others the opposite is true and they want a neutral space to transform into their vision.
  • Space: Most homes for filming need a minimum size in order to accommodate the crew. Spathios recommends at least 90m2 to 100m2.
  • Parking: Whether on-site or nearby, having accessible parking for crew and equipment is essential.
  • Noise: The ideal home for filming is one that is in a quiet area, away from trains, motorways, or flight paths that might get picked up on microphone.

With Spathios, you can rent out your space by the hour at the price you choose, and Spathios only takes a modest 14.5% commission for each successful booking.

Many factors go into pricing your home correctly, such as size, location, decor, and history. On average, the cost of renting out a home for filming can be anywhere between €100 to €500 per hour, but some locations can go up to €2,000 per hour or more.

If you’re not getting the number of bookings you’d hoped for in your home, it might be a good idea to update your listing.

When listing your home for filming and photoshoots, make sure to:

  • Write a descriptive but accurate summary of your home
  • Take professional photos of your home in natural lighting
  • Respond to requests in a timely manner
  • Keep your availability calender up to date
  • Price your home accurately

In general, you don’t need permission to use your home for film and photography. However, there might be exceptions if:

  • You live in an apartment building or share walls with your neighbors.
  • You don’t own the property yourself
  • There are local laws on how many days private property can be used for filming

If you have any doubts or concerns about renting out your house for productions, the Spathios team is here to answer your questions.

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