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The best spaces for a coming-out party

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A coming-out party is a coming of age celebration and leave adolescence behind, that is, it is the entrance to the stage adult, an act that marks a before and after in the life of the protagonist. 

The 18th birthday is a party that many young people want to celebrate in style and on many occasions it is usually a coming-out party. A special celebration that does not happen every day. During the event, family and friends gather to celebrate the anniversary host's coming of age. 

What makes the difference in a coming-out party from any other celebration is the clothing. ANDn a coming-out, as its name indicates, you have to dress elegant and long. The guests usually go with dresses long and the guests with tuxedo, suit or tails.  

For this event to be a success, several factors influence: the location, the decoration, the music, the clothing, the emotional details, the photocall, among others. 

An exceptional launch

One of the key parts to achieve this is the space where the celebration will take place. this is where Spathios will help you get top spaces, often unknown and exclusive, so that the 18th birthday party is an unforgettable event, both for the host and for the guests. 

At Spathios we have all kinds of spaces, depending on how you want the party to be and the characteristics you are looking for, we have no doubt that you will surely find the perfect place for you among our endless possibilities. Each of our spaces has a technical sheet, where you will find images, their characteristics, size, capacity, prices and time slot availability.  

We know that the setting of the site such as the 18th birthday decoration on a day like this are fundamental and very important parts. That's why in Spathios We make a meticulous selection of different ideal spaces to celebrate your coming-out party and be able to cover all your needs, to make it a success. We find new spaces daily and we work to offer the maximum number of options to our users, taking into account the regulation by Covid-19.

The most TOP spaces for a coming-out party

Next We will give you several options, depending on the style you are looking for:
  • For the coming-out parties with a concept of what more classic, we have stately spaces with a classic decoration, with antique and elegant furniture. This creates atmospheres full of luxury and sophistication, like the ones you can see below:

TOP venues for the classic coming-out party

  • To Lthose who look for spaces more contemporaryors, who want a mixture between the classic and the modern in their location, we also have a good selection. Neutral colors and simple lines are usedThey are bright and spacious.. ANDThis type of decoration is an evolution of the traditional style, without reaching the avant-garde, and It is often mistaken for minimalism. Pnow it We have other types of spaces:  

TOP contemporary launch party venues

  • For the more modern who are looking for a place with an elegant but modernist space, where the predominant colors are white or light, with natural elements, a minimalist look and lots of light, we also have a variety of spaces with these characteristics. This type of decoration gathers the bases of minimalism, with Japanese decoration and the Nordic style, it is a harmonic, simplistic and functional decoration.

TOP spaces modern coming-out party

  • And, finally, for those who are looking for a rural space, with a rustic decoration, we have the most top farmhouses and estates in all of Spain. You will see some of the options below:

TOP places for rural long-term party

Find your ideal space in Spathios

You can rent the space as long as you need it and, therefore, you only pay for the necessary time, which allows you to optimize your budget to the maximum. Here you can consult all the available options of the spaces we have with these characteristics.  

On Spathios we take care of the reservation management, since we are the intermediary between the owner of the space and you. We secure all transactions to ensure everything goes as planned (or better), and we make it as easy as possible with no hassle, no paperwork. 


Spaces for Hire with Spathios

We have no doubt that in Spathios you will discover the perfect place with which you can create the environment you have in your mind, with all the facilities so that everything goes as you expect. 

Discover the best spaces for a coming-out party in Barcelona and the best spaces in Madrid. 

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