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Business meetings are a necessary, yet unfortunately boring part of the corporate world. Whether to gather with your team, meet with shareholders, or impress an important client, choosing the right meeting room for hire is important to increase productivity, ensure all attendees are comfortable, and reach the goals you laid out as part of the meeting’s agenda.

At Spathios, we understand the importance of a space or venue when it comes to business meetings. That’s why we offer a range of temporary offices for rent, meeting rooms for hire, and coworking spaces available and equipped for all your needs.

If you’re looking for the perfect meeting space, and ways to improve productivity during your business meeting, our team of experts have compiled our list of meeting venues for hire, as well as tips & tricks for increasing your business meeting's productivity.

reuniones de trabajo

Best Business Meeting Rooms for Hire in London

Discover our selection of meeting rooms for hire, coworking spaces, and temporary offices in London.

How to Increase the Productivity of Your Business Meetings

Productivity is one of the most important metrics when measuring a company’s success and employee performance, but there are many reasons why productivity might be decreasing in your organisation. 

A lack of organisation, unclear priorities, and general lack of focus can all affect the productivity of your business meetings, making them drag on while taking time away from other important projects and pursuits. 

If you need to increase the productivity of your business meetings, we outline some easy ways to make sure your meetings are clear, well-organised, and a success, below.

Best Madrid Business Meeting Rooms

We have a selection of meeting rooms for hire across Spain, including in Madrid. Below, you’ll find our choices for the best meeting rooms for hire in Madrid.

Popular Meeting Rooms for Hire in Barcelona

As a major international city, there are tons of meeting rooms to rent in Barcelona. See our selection of business meeting rolls available by the hour below or click “Discover All” to compare event more.

Spaces for Hire with Spathios

With Spathios you can find a number of carefully curated meeting rooms for hire in London, Spain, and beyond. Search and find the best meeting venues, such as coworking spaces, temporary office space, and meeting rooms for hire for the time you need in just a few minutes.

We have many different venues for hire across different cities. Whether you need a space for a corporate event, afterwork, company dinner, or team building activity, or you’re looking to host a private party or celebration with friends and family, or you need a unique location for your next photoshoot or filming, Spathios spaces are available to hire by the hour for whatever the occasion might be.   

Booking a venue by the hour has never been so easy. In just a few minutes your space is booked, 100% online.  

Search, find and book the best spaces in your city in a couple of clicks. 

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