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How to organize a good product presentation

product presentation

Product presentation is one of the big worries that a company has when preparing to launch a new product. This is so because if nobody knows about your new product, how are they going to buy it? Or how are you going to generate that need to buy? Introducing a new product is key piece in the sales strategy. To do this, today you have many tools to be able to promote it and achieve visibility.  

The presentation of products must entail the same dedication as the previous phases product development. Therefore, you must invest if you want to be successful. With this visibility you will get your ideal customer profile to know and know the product you are talking about, its details and you will create a need in them to have it. 

From Spathios we leave you Some quick guidelines before you start with the best tips and spaces to make a good product presentation: 

product presentation

Presentation event to journalists

When you have a new product, the normal thing is that you organize a press call to present it to journalists. 

This event is an act in which the CEO presents the product or service in question. You invite all journalists who might be interested in it and you talk to them about the benefits, the characteristics, you give data, figures and all the information they may need. 

The event Requires setup and organization. You should also let journalists have access to both the information and the products that are presented, since it is increasingly important to live the experience. 

This call is best option to present a product if you are considering giving scope and visibility to your product. In a single act you will be able to inform all the media and offer the possibility of demonstrations and have contact with the products. 

celebrity outing events

In these product presentation events you can count on celebrities or influencers who make you even gain more notoriety. It is a significant outlay, but the fact of taking a famous person, athlete or recognized influencer can make your press summoning power skyrockets. 

Therefore, if you are willing to organize an event to present products properly and to invest, seriously value having a celebrity, athlete, actor, influencer... It will help you without a doubt. 

Dazzle x Spathios event with influencers

How to organize the product presentation event

A launch event is a excellent way from get people talking about the product, both at the event and through social networks. here we leave you some tips to improve the planning of product launch events. 

1. Choose a good place

An incredible place to develop a corporate event it will help you completely with the marketing, reputation and repercussion of the brand, and therefore of the product.  

When choosing the exhibition space, try to associate the place to the product you are going to present. It is also important that the place is well communicated or that you also organize the movement of the media. See that it is well connected and easily accessible. Not all journalists use a car to work so public transport must be accessible. 

From Spathios, we leave you a selection of the best spaces for a product presentation following all these guidelines, so that you have no doubts when choosing the best. We hope you like them! 

Best spaces in Madrid

Best spaces in Barcelona

2. Select the theme

When organizing the event you must take into account the relationship with the product. The entire event should revolve around the theme of the product to be presented. 

If you hire an influencer or celebrity, also must be related to the topic. The objective should be to show the product within that thematic environment to highlight the product, the benefits, the solutions... The activities or actions that you organize must serve as a product guide and so that attendees can be impressed. 

Also take into account the environment, the decoration, the documents and all the material that you deliver to the press, since it can also be related to the theme of the event. 

3. The entertainment

Although the event should be informative to highlight the product you are presenting, it should also you must incorporate an element of entertainment to make it more fun. Take advantage of the environment chosen for the presentation. This entertainment game can serve as an introduction to the product, to highlight it as a presentation, or a demonstration in action in that activity. 

You can also carry out cross-marketing actions online to viralize a hashtag during the event, hold a contest, or promote the use of the product during the event by journalists to carry out tests designed to highlight the product. There are thousands of options! 

4. Define the times of the event

There is no pre-established rule. However, a product should also not be submitted no more than two weeks before launch.  

You should schedule the product launch according to the time of year. Depending on the usefulness and use of the product, the Christmas season may or may not be a good time. Or if it is for snow matching before the start of the season, or summer, etc. 

You can too time the presentation to coincide with a major industry trade show. Depending on your product you will have a key date during the year. For this you have to investigate and study beforehand. 

5. Marketing of events for the presentation of products

PR and Marketing actions increasingly go hand in hand. Thus you should cross online marketing actions with your product presentation 

The weeks prior to presenting your product to the media you can begin to create expectations. Both with blog actions, social networks, email marketing and presence in the press with thematic press releases about the product.  

product presentation

What was said!

If you have a new product you need to plan and invest in your presentation. The development of the product is as important as its visibility. Use the media as a speaker to reach all your potential customers. Identify the key media of your ideal client and prepares the presentation strategy.  

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