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10 characteristics of a good place to work

characteristics of a good place to work

Are you looking for a perfect office for your day to day life, but you don't know what the best characteristics of a good place to work are? Don't worry. In today's post, we are going to give you some advice on how the perfect office. The one in which it is easy for you to work and do business. 

That your workspace maintains the best possible characteristics is of the utmost importance, since the office is the place where more time is spent on a day-to-day basis. 

In addition to being a place where you are going to spend a lot of hours, many times it will also be the place where you do business, so it also has to be pleasant for the reception of your clients. 

characteristics of a good place to work

Characteristics of a good workspace

Without further ado, we leave you the best characteristics of a good place to work. Take note! 

#1. Location

A good location of your office can be a multitude of advantages. The main one is the ease with which your clients can come to your office for the relevant meetings. For this it is advisable to choose a place that can be accessed by different means of transport. 

#2. Collaborative environments

Trends in new work spaces point to move to collaborative, since it represents significant savings, promotes creativity, improves communication and increases productivity. In this way, coworking is encouraged. 

On Spathios you can find countless offices and coworking for hours where you can achieve all these goals. To help you, we leave you a selection of the best coworking spaces with the best characteristics for a good workplace and that will be perfect for you to carry out your work activities. 

#3. Clean and neat

Another characteristic of a good place to work is cleanliness and order. A clean space gives a greater image of professionalism and, in addition, it will be much more pleasant for you and the client. 

#4. Decor

Having decorative elements helps, but working in an environment overloaded with many decorative elements can be a serious problem. It can make you lose focus very easily, which will lower your productivity. The best thing to have a good workspace is have some decorative elements, but not too many. 

#5. Rest areas

That your space has rest areas is also a very important factor. Sitting all the time can lead to different inconveniences. Every once in a while it's It is recommended that you stretch your muscles and that your brain rests so you can return to work with more enthusiasm. 

#6. Lightning

The lack of lighting can cause you to have eye problems or headaches. Therefore, it is recommended to have a bright workspace. If the lighting is natural, much better, since it will give you a greater feeling of spaciousness and freedom than artificial light. 

characteristics of a good place to work

#7. Furniture

The furniture must be perfectly enabled for the use you are going to give it. The height of the table and the computers you work with must be adequate to avoid back problems. In addition, having ergonomic chairs It will promote correct body posture. 

#8. Noise

Noise is one of the main causes of unproductivity, since if its levels are high it will prevent you from doing your job. Therefore, the best way to have a good workspace is that the office is perfectly isolated. 

#9. Ventilation

The office must have the possibility to be ventilated frequently. A cooler environment will allow you to work more comfortable, and will avoid that various odors can be concentrated, which are not at all advantageous to lock properly. 

#10. Temperature

A temperature between 20 and 25º in the office is the best way to work. Working too cold or too hot is obviously a problem, as it will cause you to work at a much slower pace. 

places to work

What was said!

With everything seen, it is clear that the characteristics of a good workplace are aimed at improving the comfort, the productivity and the attractive. Remember that, if you are looking for an office or a coworking space where you can carry out your activities, in Spathios we can help you. 

Use our search engine, filter by the characteristics you want and compare between one infinity of spaces all types.  

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