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We tell you why to be a host at Spathios


Whatever your financial goals, hosting at聽Spathiosputs at your fingertips unique way to reach them.

Our platform is responsible for connecting hosts of most unique spaces, with production companies, companies and individuals looking to rent them by the hour for any of their projects. If you still don't know why host at Spathios and you do not know the advantages and benefits of renting your space on our platform, stay tuned. In today's post we are going to leave you the keys. Take note!

Reasons to be a host at Spathios

Completely free of charge and through This formulary, you will be able to register as a host and log in to your account to publish your location filling in all the relevant information about the space. It is very important that you complete the form correctly, so that all the data matches your space.

If you are not sure how upload and optimize the ad for your space, from Spathios we help you.

why host

Why post your ad on Spathios?

Spathiosputs at your disposal a聽perfect tool to reach countless production companies and companies that are constantly looking for spaces like yours. Also, keep in mind that from our platform:

1. You decide the projects that suit you

All booking requests you receive have to be approved by you. You can decide whether to approve or modify the previous budget that appears in your ad. Also, if you have any questions about the characteristics of the project, you can write a message to the interested client to request plus information. You you have the last word on price, dates and conditions.

2. You choose the conditions

In the announcement of your space you can establish the availability, the rulesnote if there is restricted areas. Finally, you can set the terms in the conversations you have with customers.

why host

3. Bonus earnings

Renting your space in Spathios gives you extra income that you can allocate to what you want. In addition, you choose the price of your space.

If you have doubts about the price, check thepricing strategy that we propose to get more income.

4. Backup method and reliability

The ultimate reason to host at聽Spathios is the backup method.聽When the client makes a reservation request, you will be notified by Whatsapp and email and you will have to confirm availability. Once done, a chat will open on the platform so that you can contact the potential client (you cannot exchange the phone number, the address or the real name of the space). If both parties agree, the client will proceed to make the payment and will be held until the reservation is complete. Once finished, if you have not indicated anything during the next 48 hours in the incident center, the payment will be released and you will receive it in your bank account after 2 business days (subtracting the Spathios commission).

You can too add a bond that the client will have to pay before the reservation and that if nothing has been claimed, it will be returned. If you still have any questions about why you should be a host at Spathios, check out our聽Terms and Conditions, you can check the information you want.

What was said!

Spathiosis your best ally to rent your space and to find the perfect locations. fill聽here聽the form for the ad and start聽profit from your space. What are you waiting for?聽聽聽

rent聽your space in a couple of clicks.

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