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Best tips for running a hybrid event

hybrid event

Lately, it is becoming very fashionable to carry out a hybrid event to reach a larger audience, but what exactly is this? A hybrid event is one that mix the face-to-face event with digital elements, adapted to each audience for an optimal experience.  

It seems simple, but the reality is a little more complicated. To fully understand what a hybrid event is, you must first understand that it is not a hybrid event. 

A hybrid event It is not: 

A hybrid event if it is:  

Fortunately, current technology allows the realization of a hybrid event to be just as impressive and original than an in-person event. 

On Spathios We are aware that organizing this type of event is not easy. For this reason, in today's post, we leave you the best tips for the realization of your hybrid event be a success. Take note! 

hybrid event

1. Choose the best space

To organize a successful hybrid event, we recommend a space with natural light, who has the possibility of having additional spotlights, and that it has projector.  

If you can't find spaces with these characteristics, don't worry. In Spathios you can find plenty of perfect locations for hybrid events. To help you with the selection, we leave you some recommendations of the best spaces in Madrid and Barcelona for this type of event. 

Best spaces in Madrid for hybrid events

Best venues in Barcelona for hybrid events

2. Anticipate the number of attendees

To plan your event, it is important that you have an idea of the expected number of attendees in each modality. To do this, you can create different types of tickets on your platform, one for face-to-face and another for online. 

3. Prepare a balanced program

One of the biggest difficulties is that you will have to target two different audiences: face-to-face attendees and online attendees. Each attendee has different needs and expectations for the event. However, for your hybrid event to be successful, it is vital that both audiences are satisfied. 

Face-to-face attendees

These guests are probably more involved in your event since they have invested time and money to attend it. Also, meeting at the event location helps people to be more focused and engaged with the event. 

The fact that they attend the event already implies that you have earned some of their attention and that they are willing to dedicate time to you. Even so, although it may have been easy for you to attract their attention, it is not so easy to keep it during the event. 

Therefore, it is very important offer content that arouses their interest. Here are some ways to achieve it: 

online assistants

Targeting online attendees is more complex. Attendees are likely to be doing several things at the same time who see your event. 
Therefore, it can be difficult to keep them involved. That is why it is more important to define what they expect. 

Here are some tips: 

hybrid event

4. Communicate and generate conversation

Marketing is very important for the realization of a hybrid event since it allows you develop your event and make sure that the people who want to come are informed of its celebration. 
It also allows you to publicize the brand and the product, build customer loyalty and attract potential customers. 

To communicate and create conversation about your event, you can consider marketing strategies such as the following: 

To ensure that these strategies work, use key performance indicators (KPIs), which help you measure how well it is working. Some KPI's important things you should follow are: email open rate, the click rate (CTR), the social media interaction, the shared content on social media, and conversion rate. 

5. Collect feedback from the event

Collecting feedback from attendees is very important. This will not only tell you how they liked the event, but it will also will benefit in understanding what you can improve for your next events. 

Here are some ways to collect feedback: 

hybrid event

What was said!

Organizing hybrid events is not easy, but it is not impossible either. If you are looking for spaces to hold hybrid events, we invite you to take a look at our catalogue. There is no better option than Spathios, here you will find a wide variety of venues for your events.     

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