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How to increase reservations for your space

how to increase bookings

Just like with Google, most people find spaces on the first page of their search listing. What does this mean to you as a host? That you should make sure that your property Spathios be it as close as possible to the top of the browser. 

To help you, here are some tips on how to increase the reservations of your space and appear as high as possible. Take note!  

1. Get their attention

If the title of your space is “Lowcost Photography Studio with Natural Light”, make sure that your main image is one with a lot of light. 

Professional photography: Using a professional photographer is one of the best ways to increase your bookings. Don't rely on photos on your phone for your ad Spathios. A professional photographer can better capture the sites of your space. Remember to upload images of each corner so that potential clients have a clear idea of what they can do in your property. 

Tour 360: In addition to having professional photos, hiring the 360 tour can help you a lot. This will allow the client to observe the space from any corner and view. In addition, this advantage will also allow you to appear at the top of the search engine. 

main image- Make sure the featured image reflects your property title. Choosing a good image may be the reason why a customer clicks on your ad. 

compelling title: Make sure you choose the best words to capture the customer's attention, choose them wisely. Avoid mentioning the obvious, opt for a title, such as “Lowcost Photography Studio with Natural Light” or “Modernist House and Music Room with Views of Barcelona”. 

Here we leave you spaces that comply with these good practices: 

2. Decorate your space

This can be a great way on how to increase bookings. From Spathios we recommend that think about your audience: why do they come? What type of activity are they looking for? 

Consider what has brought your clients here: is it a company event or an audiovisual production? Depending on the type of activity you accept in your space, you must choose different styles and services for your property. As a host, it is important to attract people from different backgrounds. 

Fortunately, no need to spend a lot of money to equip your home with modern and attractive furniture. After all, the purpose of decorating your space is to maximize its profitability, so you want to avoid spending too much money on decorative elements. 

There are many stores where you can buy this type of furniture. One of the best options may be Hannun. This online store has handmade products, sustainable, durable, and even good price! Undoubtedly a very good option to consider for the decoration of your property. 

how to increase bookings

decoration made by Hannun

3. Be receptive

An updated calendar is another key to how to increase bookings for all hosts. 

Answer questions as soon as possible: If a client contacts you before making a reservation, respond as soon as possible with a helpful and friendly response. This will increase the chances of your space being reserved.  

update your calendar- Always make sure to update your calendar as soon as you know about changes in your space. For example, if you have blocked dates due to a problem and it ends earlier than expected, make sure to update the listing so that customers know that your space is available. 

Avoid canceling reservations: You may run into an emergency that requires you to cancel a reservation. Please note that if you do this multiple times, it will affect your ranking. 

4. Competitive price

What should you charge for your space? Take a look at your competitors And make sure you price it accordingly. A small adjustment in price can make your space more or less reserved.  

5. Spread your space

get good reviews: what your customers say counts. how many more positive reviews there is in your ad, the better rating you will have. The number of reviews it also affects your ranking, so the more reviews the better. 

Promotion of your space in social networks: Instagram has become a perfect tool to promote spaces. Many hosts already have accounts where they show their property. For inspiration, you can take a look at the spaces of our instagram account. You will love them! 

how to increase bookings

What was said!

We hope that our tips on how to increase the reservations of your property have been useful to you. Remember that Spathios is your best ally to rent your space and to find the perfect locations. fill here the form for the ad and start profit from your space. What are you waiting for?     

rent your space in a couple of clicks. 

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