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Ideas of original places to celebrate a birthday

original places to celebrate birthdays

Do you want your birthday to be very special? Then, it's time to get down to work to prepare the best party. It doesn't matter if you're turning 25, 30 or 35, it's an event that only happens once every 365 days and you have to celebrate it in style. On this occasion, we want to propose a series of original places to celebrate a birthday where you can blow out the candles with your friends and family.

original places to celebrate birthdays

in your favorite bar

Among the best ideas of places to celebrate a birthday may well be your favorite bar or another that you have found searching the Internet. You just need a little searching to find a different and unique establishment. There are Hawaiian-themed bars, industrial aesthetics, vintage design and a long etcetera. Can you imagine having a party in a bar with beach sand or set in the jungle? Especially if you live in a big city, it will not be difficult for you to find places to celebrate a birthday.

on a rooftop

in the list of original places to celebrate a birthday could not miss a rooftop. This is one of the favorite options for all those who are organizing a party or celebration. The idea of a penthouse may not be all that different, so the key is to pick a spot that will wow your guests. If you are thinking of a somewhat intimate party, nothing better than renting a rooftop for yourselves. How would you like a luxurious penthouse in the center of Madrid? Whatever city you are looking for, at Spathios we have an extensive catalog with rooftop ideas for all tastes. Bring snacks and drinks because these spaces usually already have a built-in music system.

In a charming country house

For nature lovers there are irrefutable ideas of places to celebrate a birthday. For example, in a charming country house. The possibilities are endless, but the spirit of these spaces is similar. Some have a private forest and have interior rooms for a more complete birthday party. Between the original places to celebrate a birthday, these are perfect if you are considering organizing a surprise celebration for someone special. You will be speechless!

On a terrace overlooking the sea

Are you still wondering where to celebrate a birthday? Now that the good weather arrives, all you need is a handful of friends and a magnificent environment. How about blowing out the candles in a unique terrace in Barceloneta? If you live in Barcelona, this is one of the original places to celebrate a birthday that you have to consider. Sea breeze, barbecue, chill-out area and music, could you ask for more? At Spathios you have the possibility of renting this and other spaces like the following, perfect for an unforgettable birthday party.

In a vintage lounge with a DJ

Although you are celebrating a birthday, you may be nostalgic for the past times. For this reason, when searching original places to celebrate a birthday We encourage you to consider a vintage venue with a club area and an outdoor and indoor terrace as Club House Ruzafa. This space located in Valencia is perfect for a birthday DJ session, since it incorporates a professional DJ booth. As if that were not enough, it includes a complete vinyl shelf to liven up the evening with the best music of all time. You can also find spaces like the following in other cities: 

Club House Ruzafa
70€ / hour

Club House Ruzafa

  • 70 (+)
disco pub
250€ / hour

Disco Pub

  • 70

In an activity workshop

To have a great time with your friends, use your imagination and find a fun workshop for all attendees. The options are multiple. You can organize a makeup session, yoga, sewing, manicure and pedicure, painting and much more. You know the guests better than anyone, so just you have to identify an activity that suits all tastes. In this way, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a very pleasant evening that will delight everyone for its originality.

in an escape room

There is original places to celebrate a birthday And then there are the escape rooms. Why are we so excited about these sites? Because there are endless themes, because they put our brain to work and, of course, because they allow us to spend a very entertaining time with our best friends. In Spathios you can find spaces like the following, perfect to carry out this activity.

Tips when looking for original places to celebrate a birthday

If you are in search of original places to celebrate a birthday, here are some tips.

What was said!

For your birthday to be unforgettable, it is very important to choose the venue with dedication. In Spathios we have all kinds of spaces and places to celebrate a birthday and other events that will go down in history. Perform the search, consult the characteristics and reserve in a couple of clicks. It couldn't be easier!

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