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What is an afterwork and how to organize it


Every day many people face hours of work, dozens of emails, endless meetings... endless responsibilities that can often cause stress and fatigue. For this reason, there are more and more followers who, when leaving work they do an afterwork to have a drink, chat and release tension. 

This is a trend that has been growing worldwide and in the main cities of the world. Due to these labor demands and work rhythms, more and more companies are aware of the importance of generating spaces that strengthen the labor ties of its workers.  

If you are still not sure what an afterwork is or how to organize it, stay tuned for today's post. From Spathios We are going to explain what it is and give you the keys to organize one together with your co-workers in the best way. Take note!


What is an afterwork?

The afterworks are informal gatherings of co-workers in places close to the office that take place in a different and more relaxing environment outside of working hours, where cocktails, beer, coffee are usually drunk... Many companies promote these afterworks internally, since they provide many labor and emotional benefits for the workers who attend.  

Many of these benefits can be: enhance communication, generate a feeling of belonging to the group, help create strong bonds between colleagues, promote a good working environment, promote greater energy among the work team, reduce stress and anxiety at work , and expand and strengthen networking. 

How to organize an afterwork

If you want your afterwork to be a success, you have to select a day, time and place. The ideal is to celebrate these events in the afternoon, not too soon, since people have to be given time to leave work and spend a moment at home, but not too late either so they don't get lazy. Also consider issues such as natural light or the weather, which will also make you opt for one place or another. These aspects change according to the time of year. 

The best places to do afterwork are restaurants and bars near the work offices. On Spathios you can find plenty of perfect spaces for your afterwork. To help you, we leave you a selection of the best spaces for you and your colleagues to meet outside the work environment. 

What was said!

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