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Business lunch and corporate dinner venues in Madrid

Organising a business lunch or company dinner in Madrid? Spathios has hundreds of unique spaces and private dining venues for hire in and around the capital city. From closing an important deal over lunch, to organising an annual company Christmas party, discover how to plan a memorable corporate dining experience in Madrid with Spathios by reading more below.

Corporate dining venues and private restaurants in Madrid

Do you need a private dining venue for your next corporate event in Madrid? Discover hundreds of restaurants & bars, hotel rooms & function halls, and private residences where you can host all sorts of different corporate dining events with Spathios

Madrid is a city well known for its international cuisine, and is the perfect place to host a corporate event. No matter if you’re a company based in Spain and you’re looking for a place to take your employees out, or you’re visiting the city and need a place to take a client, we have unique dining venues in:

  • Bars & restaurants
  • Function halls & multifunctional spaces
  • Private homes & residences
  • Rooftops & terraces

How to book a private dining venue in Madrid

Spathios has simplified the venue booking process, making it easier than ever to find unique spaces for hire for all your business lunch and corporate dinner needs. From private dining rooms and restaurants to homes with kitchen space for catering, you can search, find, and book the best venues in Madrid in just 3 clicks. 

  1. Search for all our unique corporate event venues in Madrid, with our simple search engine.
  2. Filter through our spaces with our search filter by size & capacity, price per hour, and amenities.
  3. Book your venue by the hour. Our simple and transparent pricing means you only pay for the time you need, and you’re never charged until the host confirms availability. 

Organise a company dinner with Spathios for Business

Spathios for Business is here to help you find the best private restaurants and dining venues for your next corporate lunch or dinner event in Madrid.

Over 250 companies trust Spathios for Business to find the best event venues and unique spaces for hire in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, London, and beyond. It’s easy to become part of the S4B family. Sign up is free to start enjoying all the benefits of Spathios for Business including:

  • Add multiple members to one Spathios for Business multi-account, allowing teammates to share unique spaces, save venues, and collaborate for corporate events and activities
  • Expert venue concierge service from a dedicated team of professionals here to offer fast and specialised venue booking support. 
  • Centralised invoicing so you can keep all your financial records in one place for easy access. 

Start-ups and multinational corporations alike have used Spathios for Business for corporate events and activities like: 

Whether you need a unique venue for an afternoon, or over multiple days, Spathios for Business has hundreds of spaces for hire. 

Private corporate dining FAQ

Organising a corporate dining event, whether a lunch, dinner, or party, has many benefits. Depending on the reason for the occasion, this could be to:


  • Close an important deal: Whether you’re meeting with an important client, investor, or stakeholder, deals are made over meals. Choosing a quiet dining venue, where you and your guest can sit and discuss business in peace, is key to closing.
  • Team building: Whether celebrating a holiday dinner together, saying goodbye to a beloved colleague, or just getting a nice meal together after hours (while on the company’s expense) a company dinner is a great way to build bonds between colleagues outside of office hours.
  • Improve creativity: Brainstorming and coming up with ideas can become stale when stuck in the same meeting room or office. Discussing ideas over a meal not only facilitates creativity, but boosts energy for better brainpower. 

Like any other corporate event, there’s some necessary planning that goes into making sure a company dinner goes off without a hitch.

Whether this is your annual company dinner, or a special occasion, making sure you have all the following planned before the day of the event is key:

  • Set your budget 
  • Organise the guestlist
  • Find a private dining venue in Madrid 
  • Decide on food and drinks 
  • Lay out the dresscode
  • Arrange tables and seating
  • Provide entertainment 

Madrid is a lively and international city, with various neighborhoods that all give their own unique feel. Some of our top neighborhoods for a company lunch or business dinner in Madrid are: 

  • Salamanca: Home to designer fashion and Michelin-star restaurants, the Madrid neighborhood of Salamanca is one of the best locations to bring clients or business partners to enjoy a nice dinner or craft cocktail. 
  • Letras: As close to the center of Madrid as you can get, Barrio de las Letras is a historic neighborhood known for the many famous authors who once called it home. It’s now known for it’s cool bars, central location, and proximity to the Plaza Santa Ana. 
  • Malasaña: Just north of Sol, Malasaña was once the epicentre for 1980’s counterculture in Spain but has since transformed into one of the trendiest neighborhoods of Madrid with hip bars and a cool, late-night atmosphere. 
  • Chueca: The inclusive, LGBTQIA+ friendly neighborhood might best be known for it’s annual Pride festivities, but maintains it’s laid-back atmosphere throughout the year. If you’re planning a casual corporate dinner, Chueca is a great place for colleagues to continue the party afterwards. 

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