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We tell you why to be a host at Spathios

Whatever your financial goals, hosting at Spathios offers you a unique way to reach them. Our platform is responsible for connecting hosts of the most unique spaces, with production companies, companies and individuals seeking to rent them by the hour for any of their projects. If you still don't know why to be a host in […]

space price

How to choose the best price for your space

Choosing the best price for your space is one of the keys that will benefit you by obtaining a greater number of reservations and therefore increasing the profitability and income of the space. In Spathios you can upload your space for free, in addition to managing your property, availability and prices. To help you with the strategy […]

ad space

Tips for creating and optimizing your space ad

Creating a good advertisement for your space and keeping it optimized are some of the most important aspects to consider when renting your space. Countless individuals, influencers, production companies, agencies and companies do not stop continually looking for different locations with a certain appeal for their audiovisual content, and that is […]

hourly rental

Hourly rental: the new fashion to get spaces

Hourly rental is a trend that is on the rise, both companies and individuals are using this model more to reserve spaces for their plans or events. This model allows you to book instantly and online a luxurious, curious, comfortable or unique space, which would often be unattainable otherwise. From Spathios, as owner of spaces […]

cover product updates

What's new in #spathios

New updates have arrived on our platform. For this reason, at Spathios we explain in detail the new options available to you so that you are up to date and continue to be a host of 10. Modification of reservations ? Your guest has requested additional hours or perhaps you have agreed to contract additional services after the original reservation. For these cases, we offer a new solution. […]

rent my self-employed house

I want to rent my house: Steps to follow to be self-employed

"I want to rent my house so I can get a bonus, but I don't know what I should do...", if you think like that, you have hit the nail on the head by clicking on this post. Many owners rent their homes by the hour, and with it they earn extra money. However, this activity entails a series of responsibilities that many are unaware of and […]