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espacios coworking Madrid

Los mejores espacios coworking en Madrid

Los espacios de coworking en Madrid son oficinas compartidas en la que teletrabajadores, profesionales autónomos y empresarios van a trabajar, y donde los gestores del espacio intentan conectar y crear oportunidades profesionales entre sus miembros. Mayormente se trata de profesionales que no necesitan más que un portátil, un teléfono y una buena conexión a internet […]

characteristics of a good place to work

10 characteristics of a good place to work

Are you looking for a perfect office for your day to day life, but you don't know what the best characteristics of a good place to work are? Do not worry. In today's post, we are going to give you some tips on what the perfect office should look like. The one in which it is easy for you to work and do business. What […]


Tips to improve teamwork in a company

Teamwork is essential for a good workforce to work, since without it the objectives and tasks of a company are much more complicated to develop. A team with poor organization can achieve results below what they could really achieve. It's all a matter of knowing how to take advantage of the strategies to […]

Work from home

Tips and advice for working from home

Since 2020, working from home has become more and more fashionable. Many companies have reinvented the way they work, where employees perform their tasks from home or blended, allowing them to rebalance personal, work and family time. At first glance it seems simple, but maintaining the balance between […]

Best Mobile World Congress Meeting Spaces

The month of February has already begun and the Mobile World Congress or MWC is about to fall. On the 28th, hundreds of companies will attend this conference in Barcelona to find out about the world of mobile communication. At Spathios we know that the Mobile World Congress is considered the most important congress in the world in this sector and that […]

co-working Valencia

Coworking space in Valencia: the new business fashion

A coworking space in Valencia are workspaces that have revolutionized the way and traditional workplaces and that are increasingly being demanded by the business world. These shared offices bring together self-employed professionals, companies and teleworkers of all kinds, where the manager of the space tries to create professional and personal opportunities among the members of the coworking, […]

rent offices

Benefits of renting offices in Valencia for hours

The rental of offices in Valencia is becoming more and more fashionable. When you decide to start a business adventure, expenses are one of the most important things to control, so the fixed expenses of the space where you will develop your day to day become one of the most important points to take into account […]

Office rental in Madrid

Find your office rental for hours in Madrid

Work at home is falling behind, just like the pandemic, which is why more and more professionals are opting for hourly office rentals in Madrid as an alternative. This is because, to work, they only need an internet connection and a device to connect with. The formula of meeting rooms by the hour in Madrid allows you to have everything you need, unlike full-time rental. Additionally, many […]