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"Spathios has fantastic corporate event venues for hire. The space was perfect for networking and meeting people."
Laura Torres
Corporate Communication Manager


If you are a company, join Spathios for Business! Our new, free, service includes features and benefits to make planning and coordinating corporate events easier than ever.

No matter the type of business you run, if you haven’t already you’re probably going to be planning a corporate event sometime in the future. Whether it’s a large multi-day conference, an afternoon team-building activity, or an evening business dinner, you can find all the best corporate event venues with Spathios.

Corporate event venues for hire

Spathios has hundreds of corporate event venues for hire in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and beyond, many of which can be adapted for whatever you might need.

Our corporate event venues include:

Our corporate event venues offer the flexibility and simplicity you need for your event to go off without a hitch. We’ve gotten rid of complex contracts, and our simple and transparent pricing makes it easy to book the perfect corporate event venue for a few hours or a few days.

Corporate event venues for hire for every occasion

A corporate event is an event centred around a company or business, and each type of corporate event needs a unique venue to host it. No matter the type of corporate event your company is hosting, you’re sure to discover the perfect venue with Spathios. We have spaces for:

Team-building activities

Team building activities and team development is an essential part of ensuring your company is a well-oiled machine. Whether it’s getting everyone together for after-work drinks at a private rooftop or facilitating cooperation and comradery with an escape room, you can discover all the best venues for your next team-building event with Spathios.

Business meetings

Whether you’re trying to close a successful deal with a client or need a space to gather your team, you can find the best meeting rooms for hire with Spathios. Our carefully curated selection of meeting rooms for hire are perfect to make the right impression, facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, and build relationships with partners, team members, customers, and clients.

Company parties

An end-of-the-year Christmas party, or a summer barbecue with your colleagues and their families, company-wide parties are a great way to show appreciation for all the hard work your colleagues and employees have done. With Spathios, discover hundreds of large venues such as banquet halls, outdoor garden spaces, and other function rooms perfect for getting the entire company together.

How to hire a corporate event venue

At Spathios, we’ve done away with complex contracts and negotiations when it comes to finding your perfect corporate event venue for hire.

Our online platform lets you search, find, and book spaces for hire in just a few minutes, and it’s 100% online. Just let us know the type of event you’re planning, the location, and the date of the event. From there, you can find hundreds of convention centres, conference halls, meeting spaces, function rooms and more.

Filter through our spaces by size, capacity, and amenities to discover the perfect corporate event venue for your needs. You can look through photos of the space, and read guest reviews. Once you find the perfect location, you can book it 100% online. It’s that easy to search, find, and book all the best corporate event venues in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and beyond.

Spathios for Business for all your corporate events

Planning future corporate events is easier than ever with Spathios for Business – your company’s expert venue concierge service. Spathios for Business lets you add multiple team members to a single business account, to share spaces and organise events. Save your favourite corporate events venues, get personalised event planning services, and save all your accounting and invoice information in one place.

With one Spathios for Business account, you can organise everything from corporate parties to conferences, to trainings & workshops, as well as media productions with our filming and photoshoot locations. No matter your business needs. Spathios for Business is there for you.

Join the 250+ companies and brands already a part of the Spathios for Business family, and let us find the best venues for your next event. It’s free to join Spathios for Business, just tell us about your company and its needs, and we’ll get back to you soon.

Corporate Event Venue Hire FAQ

Spathios has made it easy to search, find, and book the best corporate event venues in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and beyond. We offer hundreds of unique event spaces large and small, available to book by the hour.

It’s important to take some things into account when choosing a corporate event venue, such as:

  • Number of attendees
  • The size of the event space
  • The location & accessibility
  • Availability of the venue
  • Amenities the venue offers
  • The type of event you’re holding

Spathios specialises in unique corporate event venues. Rather than stick to the tried-and-true function halls and conference centres for your next corporate event, why not consider any of our unique spaces such as:

  • Renovated bunker
  • Old-fashioned cinema
  • Underground railway arches
  • Private garden
  • Martial arts centre

Organising a corporate event is not that much different from organising any other type of event. You need to decide on things such as the type of event, guests, budget, and venue.

When organising a corporate event, consider:

  1. Decide on the purpose of your corporate event: Do you want to host a training so your colleagues can further their professional development? Or are you looking to let loose and throw a fun after-work activity or team building? Ask yourself why you’re hosting the event.

  2. Narrow your target audience: Maybe this corporate event is company-wide, or maybe you’re hoping to impress a few business partners or potential clients. Knowing your audience allows you to better cater the event for them, and select the right type of venue and activities.

  3. Set your budget for the event: Venue, catering, renting equipment, music, all these little things go towards your budget. Make sure to include a little cushion for any surprising costs that might pop up.

  4. Choose your theme and event format: A round table discussion to foster the exchange of ideas or an open-space networking event with food and drinks? Understanding how you want your event to look and feel will determine the venue and flow of your corporate event.

  5. Choose your venue: Discover unique corporate event venues with Spathios, whether you’re looking for an intimate party room or a large function hall. Filter through our spaces by amenities to make sure it has everything you need for your corporate event.

Do you have a unique space or venue?

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