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"La complejidad de encontrar un espacio para un evento híbrido que tenga todo lo necesario (conexión a Internet, proyector, sonido, etc.) hace de su organización todo un desafío. Gracias Spathios por hacer que organizarlo sea mucho más fácil!
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Juan Gutiérrez
Event organization specialist


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Hybrid Events

A hybrid event is a mix between an online event and a face-to-face event. The combination of these two oppositions has meant a change in the world of events: a new upward trend, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is here to stay. You can read all about hybrid events and their characteristics in our Blog article: What is a Hybrid Event and how to organize it?

Rental of spaces for Hybrid Events

This type of event requires taking into account the characteristics of an online and an offline event: spaces with a good Internet connection, projector, screen, sound systems, etc. There are many elements that have to be coordinated within the same space for the hybrid event to be successful.

On Spathios We know the importance of this type of event for companies and corporations, that is why we have the best spaces to hold your hybrid event. Thus, we have the best selection of venues and rooms to guarantee the success of this type of event: small, medium or large spaces, depending on the needs and particularities of each event.

Rooms for all types of events: Hybrid, Online and Offline

We have a perfect space for each type of event: hybrid events, online events and offline events. With our search engine you can filter by the parameters that best suit your needs: area, size, capacity, special equipment and all kinds of features that will be the success insurance of your celebration.

Easily find the best venues for your event, whether it is an online, offline or hybrid event, compare prices and check if there is availability for the selected dates. In addition, you will be able to analyze the file to see its characteristics and services, and see the opinions of other users. Make the reservation 100% online and instantly secure the rental of the best room for your event!

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