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"Spathios found the perfect meeting room in London to gather my team. We found a unique space to collaborate and exchange ideas in just a few minutes."
Georgina Medina
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London is a thriving international city, especially when it comes to business. If you’re looking to hire a meeting room in London – whether to meet with clients or get your team together – Spathios offers hundreds of spaces to meet and collaborate across the city and beyond. Not sure where to begin? You can read more about how to book a meeting room for hire in London, and discover how Spathios for Business is here to make every corporate meeting, event, and activity a success.

The best meeting rooms for hire in London

Looking to book a meeting room for hire in London? Spathios has hundreds of both unique, and more traditional meeting rooms available to book by the hour across London.

Our meeting rooms for hire are perfect for everything from discussing team or corporate strategy to presenting proposals to clients or stakeholders, and each comes with everything you might need for a successful gathering – projector, screen, speakers, internet, etc. They’re perfect for inspiring creativity and engagement while facilitating the exchange of ideas and information.

How to choose the right meeting room for hire

Do you need some tips for booking the best meeting rooms in London? Below, we outline some things to consider when hiring a space for your meetings:

Location of the meeting room: Spathios offers dozens of easily-accessible meeting rooms for hire in London, located centrally with nearby public transport and parking. If your attendees are arriving from out of town, make sure your meeting room is located close to the airport or their hotels.

The space, size, and capacity: Your attendees’ comfort, whether they’re important clients or your team members, should be top of your list when booking a meeting room in London. Make sure there is enough space for your attendees to comfortably fit, and there is adequate lighting (natural if possible), ventilation, and chairs & tables.

Go for quirky or unique: Don’t feel like you need to be stuck with the same old corporate business room. A unique meeting space can get people out of their comfort zone and foster new and creative ideas while keeping your attendees engaged and focused on your agenda.

How to book a meeting room by the hour in London

Spathios has hundreds of meeting spaces for hire across central London and beyond, all available to book 100% online in just a few clicks!

Search through each of our meeting rooms for hire, and filter by the amenities you need for a successful gathering from audiovisual equipment to tables & chairs, to a kitchen for catering, and more. You can compare each of our meeting rooms in London, and check out photos of the space as well as guests’ reviews. Once you find the best meeting room for your upcoming event, book it directly from our website without the hassle of negotiations or contracts.

Spathios for Business in London and beyond

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Meeting rooms in London FAQ

With Spathios, we make it easy to book meeting rooms in London by the hour. Whether you need the room for an afternoon or multiple days, you can search, find, and book meeting rooms by the hour in London in just 3 clicks.

You can find everything from cheap meeting rooms for hire in London, to luxurious meeting rooms in unique spaces. No matter your budget, Spathios offers hundreds of meeting rooms in London by the hour, starting as low as £35/hour.

It’s easy to book a meeting room in London with Spathios.

  1. Use our search engine to discover our meeting rooms in London
  2. Filter through each space by amenities such as audiovisual equipment like speakers, a projector, screen, and wi-fi
  3. Compare meeting spaces in London, check out photos of the rooms, and read previous guests’ reviews
  4. Book your meeting room in London 100% online

The key to any productive meeting is engagement. Anyone who has ever been subjected to a long, dry, boring meeting, knows that there’s nothing worse.

If you’re hosting a meeting here are some tips and tricks to make sure everyone remains productive and engaged.

  • Choose a unique venue that fosters creativity to host your meeting
  • Set the objectives of the meeting ahead of time
  • Make sure the meeting room is comfortable, with enough space for all your guests, proper ventilation (no one likes a stuffy room!), and comfortable seating
  • Provide light, healthy, refreshments for attendees, or lunch if it’s an all-day affair
  • Make sure to take regular breaks for attendees to stretch their legs, talk amongst themselves, and go to the restroom
  • Mix up the meeting format and make it interactive
  • Don’t overload the meeting agenda with too many different topics, and try and stick to the timing and schedule you set out ahead of time

No one wants to sit through stuffy corporate meetings in a fluorescent-lit, poorly ventilated, windowless grey room. Luckily, Spathios has carefully curated a selection of the best unique meeting spaces for hire in London.

Rather than a traditional meeting room, why don’t you consider:

  • A rooftop lounge with a stunning view of the city
  • A hidden garden with plants and trees for a natural setting
  • A private loft with big windows and bright, natural lighting
  • An elegant gallery with inspiring artwork

Many companies these days no longer have physical offices or spaces where their entire team can gather regularly, and many companies are fully-remote with employees all over the globe

While it’s often okay for professionals to host meetings from home, on occasion, it might make more sense to meet in person, by booking a short-term meeting room for hire.

Meeting rooms for hire are great for:

  • Providing privacy during important gatherings, interviews, and discussions that may involve sensitive information
  • Promoting collaboration, creativity, and communication in a face-to-face environment
  • Setting a professional tone when meeting with important clients, stakeholders, and other individuals

Do you have a unique space or venue?

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