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How to become a host with Spathios

Why Spathios?

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Step 1: Check that your account is verified

Make sure your account is verified before you can start receiving booking requests.


Step 2: First impressions are very important

Make sure your venue meets the following requirements:

  • Use quality photos → Spaces with better photos convert up to 3 times more bookings. 
  • Upload a minimum of 6 images → This is the only visual information clients have about your space. Show every corner of the interior, as well as the exterior and any additional details you consider relevant to show. The more photos horizontally, the better the features of your space will be appreciated. 


Step 3: Choose attractive and competitive prices

On Spathios you can upload your space for free, as well as manage your property, availability, and prices. At Spathios we recommend looking for similar spaces in terms of location and features, to ensure you set competitive prices in relation to your competition. We remind you the average duration of our clients' bookings is 3-5 hours.

 ¿How to choose the best price for your space? Here are some recommendations so that you can establish a rate according to your space and the activities you want to host:

  • Research the market

Research through our search engine similar spaces to yours, taking into account the area, type of property, capacity, location, features, and complementary services. This will help you get an idea of the rates of other hosts and help you decide what pricing strategy you want to follow.

  • Think about your client

The hourly rate is a decisive element for our clients during the search process. Make sure you offer a competitive price compared to similar venues.

  • Analyze the location and equipment of your venue

Location and accessibility are decisive factors for clients when booking a space. Spaces that are close to the city tend to get more bookings, so they set prices according to the distance they have to travel from the city center.

You can also offer extra services to complement the venue rental itself, from audio-visual rental to F&B (Food & Beverage) services. The more you can offer, the more complete the customer experience in your space will be.

  • Position yourself on the platform with a low price

The algorithm will rank the spaces that attract the most visits. In order to correctly position your space on the platform in the initial phase, we recommend that you set prices a little lower than usual until you attract the first bookings.


Step 4: Keep the profile always update

Write a detailed description

It should convey the potential of your space → Style of decoration, layout, features, type of lighting, history, and specific activities for which it is available, among others.

  • Highlight the differentiating elements of your space by answering questions such as: What type and style of space is it? How is it laid out? Do not forget to detail and highlight all the equipment, facilities, services, and characteristics that your location offers and that make your space different from the rest. 
  • The description should be schematic and clear so that it accurately describes the activities you want to host. For example: "Perfect space for audiovisual productions due to the natural light that enters through the windows that surround it".
  • The actual name of the space is not allowed. Use differentiating adjectives to establish the title.
Add all the amenities

Describe what your space includes → Bathroom, projector, heating, swimming pool, Wi-Fi, speakers, sofas, oven, barbecue, fridge, etc. We always recommend a minimum of 5 amenities. 

Add extra services

Offer extra services → It is essential to put extras, whenever you have them, so that your space is fully optimized. E.g.: catering, DJ, audiovisual material, waiter service, etc.

Customer reviews are essential

Get positive reviews → After every booking it is important that you write a review about your experience with the client and ask the client to leave you theirs. Feedback from your customers is essential to attract new ones.


Step 5: Focus on the experience

Make sure your space meets the following requirements:

  • Avoid rejecting requests and keep your calendar up to date  → You can block days when you are not available to avoid receiving bookings.
  • Response rate → Accepting requests in less than 3 hours will increase the likelihood of receiving payments. Prevent your client from finding another venue!


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