Particular Conditions | spathios



Version July 2020


In addition to what is indicated in our terms and conditions, there may be conditions that may vary depending on the contracted service and that have to do with the conditions or services established by the Host User in the provision of their services. 

Normally, the possible particular conditions that may exist will be informed to you throughout the contracting process of the services and prior to their acceptance, so that you can see the specific conditions that regulate these aspects.

Spathios can show the particular conditions provided by the host User to the guest User; but it is not responsible for its accuracy, nor for the specific rights and duties established by the host User, who must communicate, in any case, any additional information, as well as changes that may occur in the reservation of the space. 

Users who accept our conditions are subject to those already expressly agreed but, in case of non-compliance by one or the other party, each of the parties will respond based on what is in said established agreement, exonerating Spathios at all times, from any liability in this regard. 


2.1. Information to be published by the Host User

The host User must fill in the following fields, with the requested information, so that we can register them on the Platform and upload their space:

  • Address: country, city, neighborhood, and street; plant, block, number, letter… 
  • Type of space whose information you want to promote or publish on our platform: 
    • Local 
    • Name or company
    • Stock
    • Rooftop
    • Meeting room
    • Others (indicate in each case)
  • Nature for which the space is offered:
    • event space
    • Photo studio
    • Meetings 
    • Others (indicate in each case)
  • Description of the use of space: 
    • What activities can be done 
    • Forbidden activities
  • Physical and aesthetic characteristics of the space:
    • Square meter
    • If it is made up of one or several rooms or spaces and what they consist of or what their function is 
    • If it contains a bathroom or toilet
    • Whether it contains warehouse or not
  • Photos of the space (with the indicated requirements);
  • Complementary services that can be contracted
    • catering
    • Cleaning
    • Restoration
    • Pub 
    • Others
  • Rules for the use of the space, such as, for example, if smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages is allowed, time of entry, exit, closing of the space... 
  • Capacity allowed (number of people allowed and ages)
  • Time availability for the reservation of the space;
  • Cleaning policy (if the service is offered) 
  • Cancellation policy, if they were different from those established by Spathios, in its terms and conditions, they should be indicated 
  • Activities offered in the space to reserve and price/hour or cost
  • Profile photo and contact information of the Host
  • Information required from the guest User to contract the space or service

Likewise, any other particular or additional information not contemplated in the previous points that may affect the contracting of the service and that must be accepted by the guest user, before contracting the space, must be added. 

2.2. Information requested by the guest User

On the contrary, if as a guest User you wish to reserve a space, you must fill in the following fields:

  • Reservation date (subject to availability);
  • Hour/s of reservation;
  • Activity you want to do in the space;
  • Number of people who will attend the event or activity;
  • Bank details to make the payment
  • Space Specific Rules
  • Remarks you want to add

For the reservation of some spaces, additional information may also be requested to that referred to above, in case the Host offers any extra, upon payment (eg: chairs, tables, speakers...). 


These particular conditions will be applicable to each type of user, when contracting each service and will be conditioned to the specific description of the points indicated in the previous point, which will also be considered as part of the particular conditions of the contracted service. 

In any case, as has already been established both in these particular conditions and in the Terms and Conditions of Spathios, Spathios is not responsible or liable for any questions regarding the interpretation of the conditions applicable to the contracted service or space, the host User being directly responsible and, for their part, the guest User, regarding the use or abuse that they execute in the spaces rented by the host.