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Are you organising a pop-up event in London? One of the most important pieces when it comes to a pop-up event, whether it’s a shop, restaurant, immersive experience, or exhibit, is the venue you choose to display your brand and vision. Not sure where to begin? Discover all the best storefronts, gallery spaces, warehouses, and showrooms for hire in London with Spathios, or continue reading below to discover more about how exactly to make your pop-up in London a complete success.

Different types of pop-up events in London

The beauty of organising a pop-up event is that you are only limited by your imagination. Pop-up events can be a great way to generate publicity for any type of brand or industry, including:

  • Pop-up shops or stores
  • Pop-up music festivals and shows
  • Pop-up art exhibits and galleries
  • Pop-up restaurants and bars
  • Pop-up immersive experiences

With the rise in popularity of pop-up events over the last few years, many brands both large and small have hosted unique pop-up events in London and globally. Some notable pop-up events in London and beyond include:

In 2016, luxury Italian brand Fendi and botanical designer Azuma Makoto came together to create a floral display and storefront on a classic Piaggo Ape truck which sold limited edition Fendi bags and designer floral arrangements.

The Poundshop is a recurring pop-up event, that aims to bring designer products to a wider audience by offering newer designers and brands the opportunity to sell their wares within £1, £5 and £10 price ranges.

Frozen food brand Birds Eye opened its pop-up restaurant in 2014. Instead of being charged for their meal, guests were able to “pay” by taking a photo of their Birds Eye food and posting it on social media, generating organic media buzz.

Popular dog toy brand, BarkBox, set up their pop-up BarkShop Live in Manhattan in 2016 where they outfitted attendees’ dogs with RFID vests that tracked which toys each dog played with the most. Guests were able to purchase their dogs’ favorite toys directly from a mobile app, while BarkBox was able to get valuable information on their most popular toys.

How to organise a successful pop-up event in London

Before embarking on your pop-up journey, organisation is key to your event being successful.

Below, we outline some tricks and tips for organising a successful pop-up:

  • Set the goal, theme, and purpose of your pop-up event. Use this to inform every other decision you make about the planning and event itself.
  • Choose an accessible venue to match your theme, where your target audience can easily find your pop-up event.
  • Promote your pop-up on social media, by word of mouth, with a PR statement, or with old-fashioned flyers. Invite influencers and gain buzz!
  • Inform yourself of the legal requirements for your pop up including food & drink licenses, permits, and insurance.
  • Decorate your pop-up venue to be eye-catching. Many of your attendees will be passersby from the street.

Why choose Spathios for your next pop-up venue in London?

At Spathios, we understand how important a unique and creative space is for promoting your brand or idea and we make it easy to search, find, and book your pop-up venue in just 3 clicks, 100% online.

We offer hundreds of unique event spaces and venues for hire by the hour, so you have the flexibility to organise your pop-up for just the time you need. Our spaces are available in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and beyond. All you need to do is use our easy-to-use search engine and tell us the type of event, location, and date. From there, you can filter through each of our unique event venues by various amenities, check out photos, and ready guests’ reviews.

No matter the type of event space you’re looking for, Spathios has it all. From venues for corporate events to spaces for private parties to locations for filming and photo shoots you can find them all with Spathios. And, once you’ve found the perfect venue for your event, you can book it 100% online in just a few minutes. No need for complex contracts or negotiations.

Pop-Up Venues in London FAQ

A pop-up event is any type of temporary and often unexpected event. They’re usually held in unique venues or spaces and only last for a few hours or a few days. Pop-up events are a great way to generate buzz about your brand and give it an air of exclusivity while helping you gain valuable insights into your target audience and market.

Pop-up events can be anything from a shop to a bar or restaurant, to an art exhibit or performance, and incorporate different creative elements to create a memorable experience for attendees.

Different pop-up events work in different ways depending on the experience you want to give attendees and depending on your own goals as the host or planner of the event itself.

Some large, well-known brands might choose to host a pop-up to generate buzz about a new and exclusive product they’re launching, while other smaller brands might use a pop-up to test if their vision would do well transitioning from an online platform to a brick-and-mortar store. There’s no one right way for a pop-up event to work, it all depends on your goals and theme, and what you hope to achieve with the event.

As one of the largest and most global metropolitan areas in the world, London is the perfect place for large and small brands alike to host a pop-up event. It’s an epicentre for cuisine, design, fashion, history, and culture, and you’re almost guaranteed to find a large sample of your target audience somewhere in the city.

Not only this, but London is home to some of the quirkiest, trendiest, and most unique venues for hire. Most pop-up events, whether a shop, restaurant, or experience, encourage posting on social media to get the word out and generate buzz. As a result, choosing your venue in a city such as London, with so many storefronts, warehouses, and showrooms for hire, can really make your pop-up event stand out.

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