Clear pricing and venue bookings at another level.

Get free access to the world's largest venue inventory and our excellent customer service team with all our plans.

Quarterly Save +15% Annual
5.5% / booking
Book venues for all your business needs from one place
Multi-user account for 1 team
Direct contact with venues owners via internal chat
Payment by credit card
Single-source invoicing
* Monthly invoicing (automatic renewal)
* Annual billing (automatic renewal)
/ Monthly*
/ Year*
0% / booking + all Starter
Multi-user account for 3 teams
Direct contact with venue owners via internal chat and phone call
Custom support for bookings and invoices
Basic expense control dashboards
* Monthly invoicing (automatic renewal) * Prices exclude VAT
* Annual invoicing (automatic renewal) * Prices exclude VAT
Business Prime
/ Monthly* Annual permanence
/ Year*
0% / booking + all Prime
Multi-user account with unlimited teams
Custom venue search service
Custom catering proposal service
Dedicated account manager
Customized expense control dashboards
Flexible payment methods
Different invoicing profiles
Budgets for teams/groups
* Monthly invoicing (automatic renewal)
* Annual invoicing (automatic renewal)

Frequently questions

Is the Starter plan enough for my team?

Our venue inventory, 24/7 book support, and unified spend tracking alone can be enough for some small teams. But to use advanced reporting features, embed Spathios directly into your business workflows, or customized proposals you will need the Premium plan. 

Do Basic and Premium accounts get better inventory?

No. All accounts have the same access to the world's best venue inventory. The difference between these accounts is the level of management features of proposal customization activities and services, however, the inventory is the same.

How many venues can I book with the Starter plan?

You can book as many venues as you like with the Starter plan. Prices are fully transparent with no hidden costs, only a 5.5% booking fee is charged.

Can I just pay the extra fee to add Basic or Premium features to a specific venue?

No, you can't pay extra to book Basic or Premium on specific bookings. Your company will need to sign up for a Basic or Premium plan. This means that the whole company will get access to great features, such as customized proposal services and flexible catering or payments.

How does my company pay?

With the free plan, you pay with a credit card or direct debit at the time of booking. Basic and Premium offer more flexible payment options, including bank and SEPA transfers, or our top-up payment method.

Can I book venues for someone else?

Yes! With everyone's booking details saved in the system,  Spathios makes it easy to book for others. Of course, individuals or teams can also book venues for themselves and easily make sure they stay within the company's event policy. Executives assistants, office managers, and producers love us for that (and more).

Can Spathios help us with group venue booking?

Absolutely! We can help you book multiple simultaneous activities for your different teams. We will save you the hassle of multiple bookings from start to finish. Please note that this support is only available for Premium plans or higher.

What issues can Customer Care help me with?

In the Starter plan, you can get in touch with our assistants very easily via chat, email, and phone (unlike many other customer services of other booking platforms). The booking assistants can help you with cancellations, rescheduling, and other common issues. With Basic and Premium plans, you get priority support from senior agents who can take care of special requests and group bookings in addition to customer care for your activity.

How does the expense reporting work?

You have all your invoices in one place and real time smart reports for all bookings data. We integrate with expenses apps so that every venue booked with Spathios is automatically added to your expense account. That means the finance department can see everything right away and you won't need to chase invoices ever again.

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