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Book, manage and track all your activities in a single tool.

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The best venue options, always

An unparalleled offer with the largest inventory of spaces in your city and if you don't find what you are looking for, we will find it for you.

Unparalleled experience, seamless bookings

An intuitive and simple design to make booking corporate spaces as easy as booking a restaurant with friends.

The best tool for organizing company activities

We have the most efficient all-in-one solution for booking your activities online. Why? Because it has everything you need to manage bookings and expenses.


Built-in policies for 100% compliance 

Set up your event policy with our team, modify it whenever you want, and automate the rest.

You set the rules and processes within the platform, leaving your teams free to book themselves while staying within the policy.


A more efficient corporate activity program

As an event manager, visibility is crucial. This is why our all-in-one platform offers full transparency and control over all your corporate bookings. Our solution allows you to streamline your corporate bookings with ease and boost your efficiency.

View, track, and manage all your teams’ data in real time. No more emailing back and forth—both you and your teams get clarity throughout the booking process.


Efficiency of business activities

Centralized invoicing and transparent pricing

Receive one invoice for all your purchases and pay just one provider. Get instant invoices after each booking or receive customized reports detailing all your team expenses whenever you wish.

With the largest inventory of event services, we guarantee the best prices on the market for companies. This allows you optimize costs and get the most out of your meetings and events program.


Centralized invoicing


Manage company budgets and expenses

Track your activity spend using real-time data broken down by project, team, date, location, and more.

See all activity receipts in one place exactly when and where you want them. Pay, report and invoice all company bookings with just one account.


Customer service

Unprecedented, 5-star service

Your teams are permanently covered. They will always speak to a real person that will solve their problems quickly, with unmatched response times.

Customer service
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