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Spathios for Business FAQ

Spathios for Business is your new expert venue concierge service. With Spathios for Business, you can plan and find venues for all your corporate events, activities, and audiovisual projects in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, London, and beyond. 

Spathios for Business is free to join for all companies, businesses, and corporations. Spathios instead gets a commission from our Spathios hosts when their listings are booked for an event or activity.

Spathios for Business is a personalised, expert venue concierge service available to businesses and companies for all their corporate events and activities. 

With Spathios for Business you can: 

  • Add multiple users to one Spathios for Business account
  • Share & save your favourite spaces together
  • Get specialised booking support from our dedicated team
  • Keep all your invoices and expenses in one place

You can join Spathios for Business in a few easy steps:

  1. Fill out the Spathios for Business form, or request a callback. Tell us a bit about your company and your company’s needs.
  2. Our dedicated Spathios for Business team will get in touch to verify your registration. 
  3. Start enjoying all the advantages of Spathios for Business!

Any event or social activity that you plan for your business or company is a corporate event! 

Some corporate events include: 

Spathios for Business is here to offer our expert venue concierge service for any corporate event or activity. We have venues for hire and event spaces with simple, transparent pricing by the hour.

This includes:

And so much more. No matter the corporate event or activity, for each idea you can find a space with Spathios for Business. 

Corporate events have many benefits for your business. 

Corporate events can: 

  • Help build stronger business ties between the company,  clients, and stakeholders
  • Allow your teammates and employees to relax and build relationships 
  • Boost the morale of the company
  •  Increase employee retention
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote creativity 
  • Build brand awareness and PR

Join Spathios for Business

If you are a company and need help with your bookings, sign up to Spathios for Business. A new service, completely free, that allows you to enjoy all the best features and benefits Spathios has to offer.

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