Spathios x Natura

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Dec 29, 2022 8:29:54 AM

Spathios x Natura

Casa con Piscina en Valldoreix de Estilo Inglés

A dose of summer

veraniego de la mano de Natura 

On July 13th, we had the pleasure of welcoming Natura to Spathios at the amazing English Style House with Garden and Pool. It has a rustic style that pairs perfectly with the products found atNatura Home.

It is a 2000m2 detached home located in Valldoreix, near Barcelona, and is perfect for different productions thanks to its open space and lighting. While only a few from the Natura team were needed for this session, the space has a capacity of up to 50 people .

In this case, the garden played an essential role in their production. Here's a first look at some of the images the team took during the photoshoot.

Shooting Natura con Spathios
Shooting Natura con Spathios
See how this project came to life on our official Spathios Instagram account.

Natura's experience with Spathios

En el terreno de la creación de imágenes, la elección idónea de la localización es un must para poder trabajar con total comodidad y privacidad, es el primer paso para una buena producción.

La combinación de la estética y el estilo propio de todos los detalles es lo que da lugar a piezas visuales identitarias que reflejan la personalidad de la marca.


Y cómo no, el mejor aliado para desarrollar cualquier tipo de proyecto audiovisual es un anfitrión que hace que te sientas como en casa. 

Nuestra compañera de Natura, con quién tuvimos el placer de tratar, nos comenta: “Emma ha sido encantadora la verdad. Hemos acabado on-time y tenemos todo el material”. ¿Qué más podemos pedir?

What is Natura and why is it unique?

For those who aren't yet familiar with Natura, they are a Spanish company that seeks to inspire the world and the people who live in it with their accessories, books, and home decor.

First founded in 1992 with a mission to do things a little differently, Natura is committed to equality, the planet, and people. As stated on its website, Natura collaborates with different non-profit organisations and promotes social and environmental projects to improve the balance between principles, sustainability, and profitability.

Want to make your creative vision come to life in one of our spaces?

At Spathios, we are always looking for companies and businesses that share our philosophy in order to collaborate in visual projects. Visit our website, or contact us to tell us about your vision and brand.

Finally, here are 3 tips to help you make the most of your photo shoot with Spathios

Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, Spathios is here to help you get the perfect shot.

When it comes to product photography, the key is to frame the subject in a way that draws the viewer's eye.

Set the stage for your image in a way that highlights the product in the foreground and guides the eye to what you want the viewer to focus on.

The key to accurately photographing your product is choosing the right type of lighting. With product photography, the best type of lighting is a three-point lighting setup. However if you don't have a dedicated photo studio then a continuous soft box light and reflector is another good choice.

The composition of a photo, especially with product photography, is what attracts the viewers attention and communicates meaning to your image. 

At the same time, properly arranging all the elements in your shot helps keep the image balanced and orderly. Make sure to place your product in a way that not only shows the product, but also highlights the environment of the scene.

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